My personal experience with an LMS has been solely with Blackboard.  While not all of my classes/professors have chosen to use it for sharing resources and/or communication, the use for administrative tasks (grading) has been relatively consistent. Having this one stop shop for checking in on course progress and grades is helpful, but it’s hard for me to be consistent with my Blackboard use since every course/professor puts different emphasis on how and when it should be used.

I like the fact that parent portals can be added in the case of k-12 based LMSs.  If all parents buy in and have access this could be a very powerful tool.  In my informal educational setting this is less important.  However, I have been thinking about how an LMS may help me when creating a digital badging/credentialing system for The Forge.  Mozilla Backpack,, or another digital badging platform will work similarly to an LMS (they may be considered an LMS) and help guide learners toward certifications in maker space tools, technologies, and concepts.