Final Reflection

I know that you don’t want to read the same things over and over again, bringing up the same suggestions and things that they we all did and didn’t like. So I am just going to elaborate on a few things.  First off like I brought up in my presentation, I really loved the fact that our group worked so well together communicating with each other and with the Ram Pantry officials.  We had a heavy workload this semester and I think that for the most part with a few hiccups along the way we got stuff done and did it well.  We were able to show people that they could make healthy snacks with stuff that they get from the Pantry and don’t have to snack on junk like Pop-tarts. We were able to get more friends on the Facebook page , and also were able to get over 100 new followers on Twitter! I really think that there was so much to do that instead of having to go to an outside organization to volunteer we could have gotten everyone in the class to help there.

The thing that I am most happy about it,  is one, my different prospective of volunteer work. Instead of seeing it as a burden it turned into something I felt proud of and wanted to do. Second, the great people that I have met not only in the class but also who worked at the Pantry, such as the VP Taylor Thompson and the head honcho Terrance.  Looking back at this class I would have never thought that some of my opinions would change as much as they did.  From my change in the way that I think about volunteering, to the way that I feel about the farming and agriculture industry which I think you did a very good job of going through and bringing it to realization for us and me personally. The way that they treat these animals by not having any room in their pens or not having enough muscle to stand up is a horrible thing that we as humans should not be taking advantage of.  Also, the things that we did in class as far as the activities were very cool, you made me really pick up on my skills as an innovator and being able to think on my feet, from doing the food art to making me remember how to create a channel on Youtube. For that I am grateful. I really had fun working with you prof. Boaz, along with the Ram Pantry, thank you for making this semester fun and interesting.

Volunteering at the Ram Pantry

I actually never got the chance to talk about when I actually volunteered at the Ram Pantry rather than made the samples to hand out. It was definitely a fun experience I only got to go one wednesday which was the wednesday that we went and made the Kale chips. It was very well organized I sat down front and was able to sign the people in and got them to fill the sheet of paper out if they had never been there. I was only able to do an hour but I really felt that even that little bit helped. Everyone who worked there was very nice and looked out for each others best interest, that includes their coworkers and the people that came there. All in all it was definitely a good experience since I usually never get to give back to the University and the community.

Make #7 Collage


This is my collage that I made for my service learning. I have never made a collage before so I am glad I learned how to do it from this class because it is a cool innovative way to display pictures and art. I think this summed up my time at the Ram Pantry perfect. It shows how I went out into the streets to try and inform people about healthy food and snacks they can make at the Pantry, and also creating advertisements such as the meme to attract and bring people in.

Make #6 Food Bin

So for this bin idea I haven’t actually got to do it so I can’t provide any pictures of it, but I can explain to you what I have been seeing in my head. So everyone knows and loves Sesame Street the tv show, I mean what is there to not like about it you know? So one of my favorite childhood characters from that show is the garbage guy. The little green fellow who lived inside of the trash bin. Well for my art I would attempt to paint him three dimensionally onto the bin. What I mean by this is if you are looking at the front of the bin it would be looking straight on at him, seeing his chest, stomach, front of his legs ect. From the sides of the bin you would see his side or his profile and from the back you would obviously see his back and his backside. The cool trick would come in on the placement of the head. I would paint his head on the inside of the lid of the trash bin so when you open up the bin it would be as if he is looking you square in the face. I think this would be a fun activity to do and also be very cool if done right.

Make #5 Children’s Classroom Game

I spent some time thinking about what would the cheapest most affordable way to do something easy and fun for young students in the classroom. After brainstorming I came up with the easiest fun game we used to play at my school and church which was musical chairs.  I didn’t want to make a game strictly for food and limit myself so I decided that the reward for winning the game would be a tasty sweet treat rather than the whole game revolving around food. This makes the food prize that much better because not everyone will get the food prize only the winner. The only thing you would need supplies wise would be chairs, arranged in a circle, and whatever food prize you wanted to give out.  I think since it is getting close to the holidays I would give all of the losers conciliation prizes which would be candy canes, and the winner would get…. Drum roll….. A gingerbread house that they could take home and use as decoration, or eat it as they please! The activity should take only 10 minutes at the most which includes setting it up the chairs and explaining it to the children. I am going to email my suggestion to the group dealing with the children and see what they think. Hopefully I will get some feedback on how it went so I will know that if I ever want to play the game with people I am mentoring or teaching it will work.

Make #3 Food Desert

By doing some research it is easy to come to the conclusion that Mosby Court in Richmond is a food desert. By going into google maps under the walk application you can see that it would take you almost an hour to walk to Kroger on Broad from the Court. Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 5.40.22 PM

If you were to ride the bus it would take you about 44 minutes but neither of those estimates are round trip.Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 5.44.19 PM

So either way it will take you almost two hours to get there and back not including the time it takes to get your food. That is ridiculous what is someone to do who doesn’t have a car? It just makes me feel blessed that I have the transportation and while I am at school I am not in a food desert.

Make #1 Food Art… Is Fun!

Although we made a mess, it was one of the funnest messes I have ever made in a classroom. We were able to do some fun things with our food and kind make an everything but the kitchen sink cereal as you can see from the picture…



However, it wasn’t all games and I tried to make some more meaningful pictures such as this next one that I like to call… “To eat healthy, or to not eat healthy, that is the question”.


As far as the client goes, I took this next picture to show what the inside of a spaghetti squash looks like as most people have never seen one, so that if they ever did have this at the Ram Pantry I would be able to describe what to do with the inside in order to prepare it to eat.



All in all this was a very fun activity and I hope that we get to do more hands on stuff such as this before the semester is over!

Pollen Notes

Chapter 4

  • corn itself profited from the urbanization of livestock.
  • As animals left the farm, more of the farm was left for corn which rapidly colonized the paddocks and pastures and even the barnyards that had once been animal territory.
  • More farmers got away from livestock and animals and went to corn because it was in everything and more profitable
  • You could feed all the animals on your farm with corn so just easier to grow corn and sell it to people who have animals they need to feed.
  • Cows can’t digest corn as well as grass and some other things.

Chapter 5-6

  • Corn is the essence that we need to feed our livestock and animals on the farm.
  • process- frist separe the corn into is botanical parts – embryo, endosperm, fiber- and then into its chemical parts.
  • Able to gather sugar and sweeteners from corn.
  • The corn production rate increased and even showed a rise from the alcohol industry
  • from some of the sweeteners and stuff arises the diabetes crises that is affecting our nation.
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