Arsenic Drugs in Food Animal Production

I want to start off with the Roxarsane part of the video. It is fascinating that the chemical can run through the body of the chicken and become toxic. Then we put the feces from the poultry into some of the feeds we use to feed other animals that we eat. This is just kind of baffling to me but at the same time it’s as if they aren’t meaning to do it but at the same time they are. It sounds like I’m contradicting myself but you have to think technically they aren’t giving the toxic stuff to the animals it is being produced through their digestive system thus becoming this toxic stuff that gets in the food, in the water, and in the air. However, we can’t really control what is going on with our food all we can really do is hope that it doesn’t get worse than it is. Since arsenic is linked to all these health risks we have to try and stay as healthy as we can just in case something awful was to happen that way our immune systems could fight it.

Group Project!

Group project pics

The group we formed was kind of a subgroup of the RamPantry group that we had initially formed. I joined the group at the last minute and was grateful that the ladies let me join. I really like all of them they are nice and know how to get some work done. The first thing we did was started off by doing a group exercise where one person draws a picture and then a team of two have to draw that same picture where one person describes the picture and the other draws it without seeing. Needless to say I was the drawer and i was horrible but it was a neat exercise! These are the differences in drawings below lol.  Also below, is the picture of us back to back so she could describe the drawing and I could try and interpret the drawing and redraw it without seeing it using just her description alone.



Next we did another team building technique with the other two people in the group where they act as a human bridge.fgggg


This was a real cool exercise because you had to communicate with one another and get as parallel to the ground with one another while not falling flat on your face. For our last exercise we wanted to relax so we went to Starbucks and just kind of relaxed, talked, and bonded.





Very good video the information was very informative a little boring but still informative. As I am watching the video I can’t help but think maybe it is a good thing that we have the ability to keep our animals healthy and alive. I know that these antibiotics are being administered and we are ingesting them but isn’t that worth having food to eat? To me I would have to pick the lessor of the two evils either you administer the drugs to the animals or you potentially have an outbreak of viruses which kill out the population of the animals on that particular farm. I just know that if there was a huge epidemic and it happened to happen around the country or even around the world because we didn’t give these animals the antibiotics that they needed because they harm us, we would be in harms way even more if there were no animals on farms to eat. In my opinion you must pick the lessor of the two evils which is to administer the drugs.

What are we feeding the animals

I think that some of this stuff surprised me but I kind of new what was going on. I knew as far as animals eating their own feces that it was pretty prevalent as far as pigs went. Pigs a pretty disgusting animals and eat just about anything but they taste awesome lol.  I guess that the whole thing about the chicken pellets and people bagging that and selling it is kind of baffling to me. I didn’t know that they actually sold the poultry feces to other places in order for them to feed their chickens. I figured that the animals would eat their own stuff sometimes but wasn’t aware that that was sometimes the base of their diet. I guess you really don’t know what they are feeding the animals that we consume.

Meeting with the Rampantry

Wow is all I can say. They have everything down to a tee and I can not wait until I get the chance to help. The people who work there are nice, the pantry is so nice a neat I mean they really have it going on. One thing I wrote down was the biggest rule of them all which was  confidentiality. You can’t go around telling everyone he I saw such and such at the RamPantry because that is just unethical. One of my main questions was how do we clarify whether or not someone is eligible? Well like I said they got there stuff to a tee and so they have forms they must fill out and hand in before they can enter and get food. I am really excited to be involved with this and I can’t wait to  start helping others.

Industrialization of the Food System

Being from a rural town in southern Virginia I understand the importance of agriculture and how hard it is to thrive as a small time farmer. We had about three farms in our town that actually did well for themselves the other smaller farms and farmers we called “gentlemen” farmers because they didn’t do it as their main source of income. One of the three big farms which was a dairy farm, the other two were mostly tobacco with some grain, shut down because they couldn’t keep up with the changing times and how much the big industrial companies could put out. Some of my good friends that owned and worked there were out of jobs and their families had to scramble to make ends meet. So in that aspect I think the industrial side is ruining the small farms. The other point from the video that stood out to me was all the pesticides and stuff which everyone knows about.  However, I didn’t know just how crazy it was especially with the amphibians having gender changes from some of the harmful chemicals in the pesticides. So I feel like the industrialization of agriculture was needed but it definitely has come with a hefty price.