Arsenic Drugs in Food Animal Production

I want to start off with the Roxarsane part of the video. It is fascinating that the chemical┬ácan run through the body of the chicken and become toxic. Then we put the feces from the poultry into some of the feeds we use to feed other animals that we eat. This is just kind of baffling to me but at the same time it’s as if they aren’t meaning to do it but at the same time they are. It sounds like I’m contradicting myself but you have to think technically they aren’t giving the toxic stuff to the animals it is being produced through their digestive┬ásystem thus becoming this toxic stuff that gets in the food, in the water, and in the air. However, we can’t really control what is going on with our food all we can really do is hope that it doesn’t get worse than it is. Since arsenic is linked to all these health risks we have to try and stay as healthy as we can just in case something awful was to happen that way our immune systems could fight it.

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