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Group project pics

The group we formed was kind of a subgroup of the RamPantry group that we had initially formed. I joined the group at the last minute and was grateful that the ladies let me join. I really like all of them they are nice and know how to get some work done. The first thing we did was started off by doing a group exercise where one person draws a picture and then a team of two have to draw that same picture where one person describes the picture and the other draws it without seeing. Needless to say I was the drawer and i was horrible but it was a neat exercise! These are the differences in drawings below lol.  Also below, is the picture of us back to back so she could describe the drawing and I could try and interpret the drawing and redraw it without seeing it using just her description alone.



Next we did another team building technique with the other two people in the group where they act as a human bridge.fgggg


This was a real cool exercise because you had to communicate with one another and get as parallel to the ground with one another while not falling flat on your face. For our last exercise we wanted to relax so we went to Starbucks and just kind of relaxed, talked, and bonded.




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  1. Assessment:
    Include group photo and short bios of your other group members. Humorous bios and photos are fine. Food – focused bios – also fun! BIOS? MISSING
    2. Play “Fears in a Hat,” and report on group fears in your blog. MISSING
    3. After playing “Fears in a Hat,” discuss fears about working in groups. Summarize trends in fears and resulting goal-setting in your blog. Photos are nice. If fears coincide, the group must address how they will handle these issues when they arise in group work. Talking about a problem is always a first step – but students should include what steps they plan to take if talking does not bring about desired change in a group member or group dynamic. Be specific and clear in group goal setting. MISSING
    4. Each group member must research and provide 3 team-building exercises that they think the group would enjoy doing. They should list them, including directions, in a short, informal paper. These must be team-building exercises, not simply “ice breakers.” ONE of the three team-building exercises should involve FOOD. The blog should include links to each group member’s team building informal paper. LINKS OR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR PEERS’ IDEAS FOR TEAM BUILDING?
    5. For EACH exercise the group performs, (one from each group member), each blogger should represent the experience of doing the exercise. Speculate on why some exercises worked better than others for group team building. You may represent all group member’s perspectives in your blog, or only your own. YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE PRESENTED.
    6. Groups much choose at least ONE FOOD related team building exercise to complete together. YES. STARBUCKS VISIT
    7. The blog should include images and videos of the group team-building work. How you represent the team building work in your blog will vary, and this will give us something to debrief and discuss after the project is complete. SOME GOOD PHOTOS. MORE WOULD BE NICE :/
    8. Discuss your team role based on Belbin’s Team Role Theory powerpoint Which needed role does your group not have? MISSING

    “Relaxed, talked, and bonded” doesn’t tell me much! What did you talk about? The photo of the beverages doesn’t say much either. Compare to your team building back to back photo — right?

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