Ram Pantry Taste Test Take 1!

Man did we have a good time cooking up some squash and zucchini. We cooked the squash and zucchini in olive oil then put salt, pepper, and garlic on and pan seared them.



We had quite a few people tell us that they were very delicious and I myself thought they were very tasty. We next proceeded to hand out some of the samples in the Dixie cups. However, it was very hard to catch people going up and leaving the pantry because they were either in a hurry to leave or in a hurry to get up there. Anyway we had fun and it was very good to inform people on what they could do with the vegetables that they are given by the Ram Pantry. food2


One thought on “Ram Pantry Taste Test Take 1!”

  1. hmm. People were in too big a hurry to take a food sample. Wow. Kinda sad, huh.
    So the taste surprised you. Have you ever cooked zucchini this way? Did you get to stir or are the women controlling the kitchen? : )
    Okay – problem then: how to get people to take the samples.

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