Make #3 Food Desert

By doing some research it is easy to come to the conclusion that Mosby Court in Richmond is a food desert. By going into google maps under the walk application you can see that it would take you almost an hour to walk to Kroger on Broad from the Court. Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 5.40.22 PM

If you were to ride the bus it would take you about 44 minutes but neither of those estimates are round trip.Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 5.44.19 PM

So either way it will take you almost two hours to get there and back not including the time it takes to get your food. That is ridiculous what is someone to do who doesn’t have a car? It just makes me feel blessed that I have the transportation and while I am at school I am not in a food desert.

Make #1 Food Art… Is Fun!

Although we made a mess, it was one of the funnest messes I have ever made in a classroom. We were able to do some fun things with our food and kind make an everything but the kitchen sink cereal as you can see from the picture…



However, it wasn’t all games and I tried to make some more meaningful pictures such as this next one that I like to call… “To eat healthy, or to not eat healthy, that is the question”.


As far as the client goes, I took this next picture to show what the inside of a spaghetti squash looks like as most people have never seen one, so that if they ever did have this at the Ram Pantry I would be able to describe what to do with the inside in order to prepare it to eat.



All in all this was a very fun activity and I hope that we get to do more hands on stuff such as this before the semester is over!