Forced Consumption

Man did this article speak to me in more ways than one. First, lets start of by applying my “nugget” to the post. “Hazing same-age peers   demanding that the respondent consume alcohol, disgusting foods (e.g. raw eggs), or an inappropriate food item (e.g. shaving cream).. This was the excerpt that stood out most to me because I have had to do this and it makes me appalled to even look at toothpaste or eggs anymore. When I was a freshman in high school I made the varsity baseball team. By the time I got to be a freshman the whole beat up the freshman way of inducting you into the baseball family had gone out the window because of some upset parents. Instead they went deeper and messed with your psyche. They made us do things such as call girls from our classes and tell them things that they probably didn’t want to hear and probably wish they hadn’t heard. However, one of my most fondest memories of being “hazed” was the toothpaste and raw egg challenge. For about the first week of practice whatever the older guys deemed as a “rookie move”, we had to consume a travel size bottle of toothpaste or sometimes eat raw eggs from the Food Barn convenient store up the road. It seemed that every time you got out of practice there was some kind of delicious snack waiting for you. To this day I only eat eggs on occasion and can never brush my teeth with Colgate White Enhancing toothpaste. colgate

When I look back though all I can do is laugh because it is a lot better than some of things that are done in the hazing that takes place in college frats today. I wouldn’t trade those days for a second but I know exactly what this article was stating and what those people who took the surveys were feeling when it came to talking about their forced consumption.

Power at the table: Food Fights and Happy Meals

This article really hit close to home for me in a lot of ways. When I was growing up we ate as family only when time permitted like the article was saying, for parents who worked a lot it was difficult to work until 8 o’clock then make a meal and get everyone to eat at the same time.  It was a lot easier to fall into the “lets just pick up a meal on the way home” kind of lifestyle. However, when we ate with my grandparents it was always together and like the article stated we kind of went about it in the hierarchical way. My grandma would cook while we set the table, washed up, and then she would serve us and me and my sister would do the dishes.  The article hit the nail on the head on many points especially the roles of the people at dinner time. For me those are some of the best memories I have of my grandparents in a day to day setting. Watching TV until dinner was ready, playing cards afterwards. Just real classic American fun. Being from Southern VA my family definitely has the more conservative type view on things and even things such as table manors and just being polite at the table in general which the article hit on a little. Of course my grandparents never let us eat with the TV on and always made us clean our plates making claims such as “there are people all over the world that would kill to eat that food you aren’t”. I honestly think that there should be more research like the article stated because it really can be used to analyze an American family, not to a tee but well enough to understand the culture and maybe even the political views of how things are in that family or in that area.


Hello everyone! My name is Kyle Barwick I am from Dinwiddie Virginia about an hour south of Richmond. This is my fifth year I love VCU as you can see I’m never leaving. Just kidding! I am an Accounting major with a minor in Human Resources so it’s taking me a little longer than most people to finish. I’m always down to have fun.  I like to do anything that involves action sports and just having a good time.  Also, I play in a band called Another Treehouse Acquaintance so check us out on facebook! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this class this coming year.

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