My Origin Story

This is my origin story. I created a draw my life. Enjoy 🙂




6 thoughts on “My Origin Story

  1. I really enjoyed the humor aspect in the narration voice over of your draw my life video. Also, I liked how the music was upbeat and I think that the patterns in your drawings added a personal touch and made your video more unique. I think that some possible topics of research could be the impact of divorce in a family structure or how drawing and art can be forms of therapy.

  2. Your draw my life shows a lot of professionalism. It looks very well developed and gives us all a nice insight to the upbringing of your life. I really loved the music, very nice selection!

    For your research, it’s apparent that your life essentially revolved around being brought up by a single parent. You can try researching how your personal experience challenges or accepts the experiences of the general population that were also raised by a single parent.

  3. You have great talent! You told a sad story with humor which is a great way to remedy the pain you have experienced. If I were you, I would be interested with exploring the relationships you had with your family as it seemed so important in your video.
    -The Dame 🙂

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