University Students Describe Research

When asked to describe research, my Univ 200 students say:

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.50.16 AM

When asked to describe their digital media project, my Univ 200 students say:

Wordle: UNIV200


One thought on “University Students Describe Research

  1. That’s an interesting visual argument in support of the digital media project, which is awesome and I fully advocate it. Yet, that word “easy” is haunting me. Easy can be good– students sometimes say FI is easy, and when we ask why, they say it’s because it’s feels fun. That’s fantastic, and it shows what great teachers we are when our students call our classes fun, as we secretly know just how much they are really learning. We work hard to make learning fun. It’s not easy! And the remediation project IS fun. And it’s certainly easier than writing a 10-page essay. However, I would have used those same words–tedious, boring, long, hard, consuming– to describe math when I was in college, but I SO wish someone had made me take it. My life would be improved in countless ways today had I taken more math when I was an undergrad. We don’t know everything when we are 19 (or 39, for that matter). And we can’t ignore the words in the background of that research wordle–useful, experience, involved, helpful, thorough, deep, necessary. Those also make a persuasive visual argument.

    Also, we are comparing research to digital media project like they are different. They couldn’t do their digital media project very well if they hadn’t done their research, right?

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