Have you ever found yourself being attached to your electronic devices, whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer? How many hours a day that you use to spend on social media and sending messages or any activities on the Internet? Did you know that spending more time online and not being able to control yourself,… Read More

Internet Addiction and Relationships  Have you ever found yourself being so attached to your electronic devices, whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop or computer? How many hours a day that you spend on social media and sending text messages? Have you ever wonder whether you could be addicted to the Internet without noticing? According to… Read More

Internet Addition’s impacts on relationships What is Internet Addiction and Relationship? Pros: “This paper presents a cross-sectional study of a large, high-school Greek student sample with the aim to examine adolescent motives for participating in social networking (SN) for a possible link with parenting style and cognitions related to Internet addiction disorder (IAD). Exploratory statistics… Read More

At first, it made sense to me to connect dots with each author’s key points and the theme how they all develop communication possibilities for our society. When I got to the end and tried to connect them to my inquiry project topic, it didn’t make much sense. I thought I got it, but not… Read More

“People use them [devices] to communicate ideas and feelings both to others and back to themselves. Although thinking goes on in one’s head, external media serve to materialize thoughts and, through feedback, to augment the actual paths the thinking follows.” Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” This nugget me think of how Internet is becoming one… Read More

I’m still working on coming up with the actual question that’s interesting enough to write about. The topic that I’m focusing on is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) and relationships (in general e.g. family, friends, partners). According to UnityPoint Health, Internet Addiction is an impulse control disorder, the Internet users may develop attachment to online activities… Read More

Original Question: How does the Internet have an effect on the way our society interact today? I realized that my question is too big and too broad maybe. I can go so many directions and way to answer this. As I was thinking about answering this question, I caught myself talking “interaction”, but there’s still no… Read More

Since the semester has started until now, I’m not quite sure if I’m exactly at where I supposed to be. I realized that I need to better utilize the resources that I have, I need to reach out to my peer more and ask the instructor about what I don’t understand. However, I think I’ve… Read More

As Nelson defined in his text that his definition of “thinkertoy” is “a computer display system that helps you envision complex alternatives.” Ted Nelson, Computer Lib / Dream Machines.  He also has given examples of the process of envisioning complex alternative making decision, designing, planning, writing, weighing alternate theories, considering alternate forms of legislation, doing scholarly research,… Read More