A Thinker: An A thinker most often like to go above and beyond the expectation of the course or what they’re told to do. This may sound like “an overachiever” kind of thinker, but it is just how an A Thinker gain knowledge. They put in extra time and effort to learn new things all the time. They’re open-minded and ask questions; also they seek for help from outside resources. The outcome of the work shows the understanding of the subject and an A Thinker is able to demonstrate what they’ve learned and gained.

C Thinker: A C Thinker is the opposite of an A Thinker. They fail to put in effort and time in doing research and seeking resources. Sometimes, a C Thinker has basic knowledge of the some subject but is not willingly to go deeper into the subject, also believing that they’ve put in enough effort into learning the subject and they are not open-minded. Most often, a C Thinker is unable to relate the knowledge of the subject to real situations or demonstrating their understanding of the subject.

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