Since the semester has started until now, I’m not quite sure if I’m exactly at where I supposed to be. I realized that I need to better utilize the resources that I have, I need to reach out to my peer more and ask the instructor about what I don’t understand. However, I think I’ve been more open-minded and learned a lot during class time and class activities. Now I can see myself as a more curious person before, I asked a lot of questions expanded my thinking, but I’m still stuck at answering those questions. I’m still afraid of “being wrong”, even though I spend so much time on an assignment, I’m still not sure if I fully understand it and whether I’m able to do it correctly. I’m not sure how the instructor “grades” this class, but in my opinion, I think I’m a B thinker because I’ve done the work I’m assigned to do. How can I push myself to be an A thinker without doubting myself?

3 comments on “Progress Report Reflection

  • This is a nice reflection particularly as it relates to exposing your apprehensions and fears. Well done and honest. I am curious what you plan to do to move toward thinking like an ‘A’ student? What is your strategy? What insights can you bring from other courses and work? What questions do you plan to pose to me?

  • This class is interesting because it isn’t designed like most other classes are. I also feel like I need to reach out more to my peers and resources as well. I wonder what this class will be like moving forward.

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