Original Question: How does the Internet have an effect on the way our society interact today?

I realized that my question is too big and too broad maybe. I can go so many directions and way to answer this. As I was thinking about answering this question, I caught myself talking¬†“interaction”, but there’s still no set definition of it in my concept. I also have said that the internet is like a new “addition”, as Dr. Hale suggested that I should focus on one narrow topic. I think I’m going to explore about people being on their phone and using the Internet on their phone or other electronic devices all the time. “Is the Internet an addiction? If so, how does this have an impact on relationships?” or “How does Internet addiction have an effect relationships?” ¬†would be my narrowed questions.

2 comments on “Question: Revision

  • I think your new questions are more narrow and much more interesting. I think some things to think about now are how the internet could positively and negatively affect relationships. An internet addiction could increase social interactions online, which could be viewed as a positive. However, no addictive behaviors are good so how could these positives affect your question?

  • Getting there. A key to formulating a good research study will be in the way you define your terms. Addiction jumps out as a clear contender as does relationships.

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