My Map

At first, it made sense to me to connect dots with each author’s key points and the theme how they all develop communication possibilities for our society. When I got to the end and tried to connect them to my inquiry project topic, it didn’t make much sense. I thought I got it, but not really. All the things I mentioned in the map seems like no harm to the society or relationships of people, but my project is focusing on how Internet Addiction has negative effects on relationships. I’m not sure how to relate the theme on the map I created to my topic. Only thing I could see is that all these authors made communication better, faster, through Internet, and people started using it way too much because it’s more convenient to connect to others on the Internet than in person. So, the more people use Internet, the more people become addicted. This could be the opposite of what Internet can do. Other kind of “digital possibilities” are ruining relationships, ruin people’s health and more.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this makes any sense.

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