Alan Kay Research Nugget

Perhaps I am an idiot, but I already have a research nugget 6, so uhh yea, this is its own things.

Several professional animators wanted to be able to draw and
paint pictures which could then be animated in real time by
simply showing the system roughly what was wanted.
Desired changes would be made by iconically editing the
animation sequences

A pretty short paragraph: No? I mean not to cop out here but this more or less relates to any bit of research that has anything to do with CGI that i have done. Because that’s all it is, drawings in a computer being animated. For instance in Dark and Light the author about just creating a bridge on a computer instead of shooting on one that already existed. Another good example would be “Is it Real of is it fake” which is all about creating characters on a computer and super imposing them over human movements on the film. And anything thats not basically practical effects only this type of information comes into play in

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