Concept Experiance #6

It has been shown through research that feelings displayed on Facebook are contagious. If you see more positive posts than negative posts, then you start posting more positive posts as well.-

The second link is extremely irrelevant, no one cares about some woman’s musings on the differences between contagious, give us a website that gives hard definitions or serious explanations. The first link is not really “Bad” but at the bottom it says its taken from a different source, it would probably of made sense to just use that one instead… but if it was the same information who cares; so its really not a big deal.

There have been studies done on Facebook and all the emotions related to posts. “We have enough power in this data set to show that emotional expressions spread online and also that positive expressions spread more than negative.”-

Wording is not strong with this one. After re-reading the whole thing a few times it really doesn’t tell you anything because the quote is a poor choice.The links in this second chunk are even worse, the first one is just a link to facebook. I just got a “log into facebook ” prompt when it was clicked, this link was worthless. The second is just another link to that stupid blog about contagious Vs Infectious; but this time it was made worse by not even being an appropriate link to words that were selects. What does Positive Expressions have to do with contagious? Nada, Nil, None, Naut, Zip, Zero, Jack-freaking-shit. 

Researchers in a new study have found that feelings displayed on Facebook are contagious. They found enough data to show that “emotional expressions spread online and also that positive expressions spread more than negative.”-

In all honesty, this does not really offend my sensibilities, with the exception that it is rather short. Another sentence or two and maybe an additional relevant link and it would be completely benign. Maybe they could of linked the actual study as well, but that dun’t botha me nun.

In a new study, researchers from University of California, San Diego have found that feelings displayed on Facebook are contagious. Publishing a paper in the journal PLOS ONE, the team analyzed over a billion anonymous status updates from more than 100 million Facebook subscribers across the United States and found that positive posts beget positive posts and negative posts beget negative posts. They said that while both are common on the site, the positive posts are more influential. They concluded, “We have enough power in this data set to show that emotional expressions spread online and also that positive expressions spread more than negative.”-

Before I begin, the hyperlink for this post did not work, perhaps in the future at the bottom of an assignment there could be a backup Hard Link IE just the web address in its fully messy glory posted as plain text.

Anywho, Something that immediately becomes apparent is that this author went through the trouble to find the true source of the study and not just a second tier article speaking about it. The signalling phrase used for the hyperlink is excellent as well. The second hyperlink doesn’t do anything for me, I don’t care about their academic standards, but I also don’t care about –Anyone’s– academic standards. I feel it would of been better left out, with that caveat however the link was put upon an appropriate signal phrase. The quality of description is greater in #4 then #3; the details of the research are actually mentioned other than in the link. I’ll make this point brief, Beget? Really? That’ sounds so pretentious to my ear. What is this the Simarillion?  Just say cause, or create or.. or… I don’t know something. The only thing that separates The Third, and the Fourth, example is depth, Which four has more of. From a writing voice standpoint I actually prefer Three. 

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  1. Okay I’d give #3 some credit if the link they provided was from the actual study. Right? The link is to an article that mentions the study, not the actual study itself.

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