Way of the Voice, Thu’um

One of the biggest… no not biggest. One of the absolute worst offenders of this would be the prequel to 1982’s John Carpenter’s the thing which came out in 2011. That is nearly thirties years of advancement in computers and effects and they look worse in every single way. The 1982 versions effects have aged nearly flawlessy… Scratch that they have not aged at all they still look great. Their secret?  They are all done in practical effects.

“For 1982, the special effects featured throughout John Carpenter’s The Thing are spectacular. Even to this day in a world full of state of the art CGI wizardry, the old-fashioned practical effects showcased here continue to shine. The creatures themselves are disturbing horrors conjured from the darkest corners of the most insane nightmares. The first glimpse we as an audience get of The Thing commences when an infected Husky dog finally decides to show its true colors. First the skin on this pooch’s face peels back, revealing a raw, alien façade. Then squirming from its body like writhing snakes burst a bundle of tentacles that proceed to latch onto a group of surrounding dogs. Then before you know it, we’re looking at an unholy abomination, tentacles bursting in every direction and skin all but missing. It’s a gross sight to behold, but one that’s unquestionably unique and imaginative.”

That is what we are dealing with here, The new versions effects just don’t look right. Nothing has a sense of weight it, everything feels like it’s made of air instead of meat (I mean seriously its actually made of something even less substantial then air when you think of it but whatever).

I don’t think this is a beautiful example of how i want it look, but its uhh not a terrible now is it? I’ve found rereading some of my work that it comes out research papery at times. I really want to avoid that for a variety of reasons. The first, The first is this; i hate reading and writing that type of crap soo i uhh really don’t want it sound that way so ill probably edit it to sound alot more conversational after the rough draft is done. I think that of everything i want out of this project a conversational tone is this the most important. I don’t want to some jackass sitting on their stupid freaking pedestal spouting rhetoric about my subject. What i want is to sit down with who ever the hell is reading this and have a discussion, not an argument mind you, arguments are for pundants and bores who have nothing better to do then try to convince people to their way of thinking instead of not being an asshole and leaving them alone. How is a discussion any different, Well its only as different as i make it in my mind. To me a discussion is this, we are both talking about it because we are both already interested and if someone changes their mind over the course of it no big deal, there is no winners or losers, just two people talking about a mutual interest.


I left that as a blockqoute for now just because i wasn’t sure what i really wanted to do with it beyond that i liked how he put it, and he has more to say on the subject later on so ill probably have a few more things that dude was saying throughout my “the thing” analysis

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  1. I’ve seen the original The Thing film but have never seen the 2011 remake. The original’s effects you can obviously tell are from the past but none the less look amazing and terrifying. I think you did a very good job of adding your own descriptive picture to the look of the Thing in the film. Your voice on why the old film’s effects are so good is very well thought out, but you seemed to not give any feedback on the effects of the 2011 film. I think that giving your own voice on both will give the project less bias towards one or the other. Sometimes its hard to not make your project seem so “research papery” as you put it haha. I’ve had that problem so far in mine but so far yours looks great!

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