‘Final’ thoughts

My first ‘final thought’ is that there is no way these will be near my final thoughts at all. Parts of this experience- like all experiences- will come alive in my thoughts often. I learned things doing social for the RTD about my abilities and have already transfered them to my similar position at which I am employed.

To talk about the actual class and classwork- I liked it. Things were a little freeform, but I still enjoyed it. It reminded me immensely of writing professionally. Things are just fluid and moving really quickly until all of a sudden there’s a due date and wow it’s concrete and it’s in front of you and it’s finished!

This course felt like it was over before it even began for me. Same holds true for my time at the RTD. I felt like the whole thing may not of taught me new skills, it honed ones I already had. The skills I had were taken and sharpened into a toolkit. And I’m going to use that to take on the world.

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