Hi there! My name is Allyson and welcome to my blog! I’m currently a senior nursing student at Virginia Commonwealth University.  One of my elective courses is LGCC 405: Spanish for Healthcare Professionals. Part of the course is learning Spanish medical terminology, and the other part is interacting via Skype with students learning English in Mexico, called Teletandum. This blog is a requirement for the course and contains of my insights and reflections after each Teletandum session, as well as activities and my personal statement in English and Spanish. At the end of the semester, my final project will be available on my blog too.

I took this course because I hope to make a difference in individual patient’s lives and the healthcare community as a whole as a pediatric or critical care nurse, then as a nurse practitioner and nurse educator. I’m also interested in serving underserved populations abroad. With this course I hope to become more competent in Spanish and Latin American culture, and be able to understand the best way to communicate with and educate patients with this background.

Thank you for visiting!