Topic – Discover How to Maximize Your Career Journey

Audience – Adult learners (career changers, seeking new opportunities,

Learning Activities – Storytelling – share career interests and current journey; Development a personal business plan (Creating personal vision, how to market self, networking, determine how to obtain vision, etc.) – can research online how to do – will provide specifics for length); Shadowing (interview someone in a role that interest you and shadow them for 2 hours – will provide questions and guide); brief personal assessment to consider interests; research the levels of the career development cycle and how they personally relate; research job descriptions and build one that would be your ideal position; create career portfolio

Misconceptions – not realizing that career development is a personal journey; that one can truly building a career based on their passions; it’s the manager’s responsibility to make it happen and they are responsible for recognizing the skills when its more of a collaborative process; not taking the process sincerely to honest with self with interests

Struggle for learners – determining where to start; everyone starts at a different level; thinking its impossible to have a career based on passions

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