This Saturday, Feb. 2nd, I attended the 7th annual Emswiller Interprofessional Symposium.  There were a number of excellent presentations. The theme this year was “Collaborating for the Community: The Role of Interprofessional Practice in Addressing Current Healthcare Issues”.

The Keynote speaker offered a dynamic presentation on the topic of healthcare inequity. He is the Director of Health Equity Research and Policy at the Association of American Medical Colleges.  It’s interesting that he is a PhD. in public health and not an MD. He describes health inequities in phases. The detecting phase, is well studied and known. We know that there are health inequities for a multitude of reasons. The solution phase, which is how we do something about the inequities, he describes as a “very new science”. It will take explicit policies and interprofessional practice changes to address the healthcare policies in the US. It was a very enlightening presentation, I knew it would be a good day.

There were multiple breakout session throughout the day and posters to view on a wide range of topics from the community setting to the operating room. Of course I was torn between two breakouts sessions several times.  I wanted to go to both.

All in all an excellent conference.