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In the US, 6 in 10 adults have a chronic disease and 4 in 10 have two or more. Hypertension is one chronic disease that affects ~75 million adults, 1 in 3. The under-management of hypertension poses significant quality and safety concerns. It is known that traditional healthcare delivery methods, primarily through family physicians inadequately address the challenges of hypertension management. There is lack of access to healthcare services in underserved urban areas which results in higher rates of negative outcomes.

In Chesterfield County, VA, where I live, there are no free clinics, therefore, no access for the uninsured hypertensive patient to receive ongoing care. It is my thought that implementing policies that support APRN-led community-based clinics for long-term management of hypertension in urban areas can potentially reduce health disparities, disease risk factors and costs. Which I believe will improve the quality and safety of patients in underserved communities.

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  1. You point out statistics that are concerning in the field of health care. We need to do a better job in care provision to those in need to obtain better health outcomes. I believe that APRN based/directed care is a clear and appropriate answer to this identified need….Now I, like you, need to commit to this journey!

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