Welcome to the Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation (NSN) Group

We perform cutting edge applied research to primarily combat the threat of nuclear terrorism and state level proliferation. The NSN group also performs research on related topics, including domestic and international safeguards, nuclear materials assay, nuclear forensics, radioactive material search techniques, and arms control.

The focus of the NSN group extends beyond research and includes a strong educational component. Students in the NSN group take a wide variety of classes across multiple departments and include a mix of technical and policy courses. Students expand their education beyond the classroom attending multiple conferences, workshops, and training courses each year. There is also a strong outreach component in the NSN group, providing Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and science teachers nuclear focused workshops with the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering each year.

The Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation group is located within the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University.