Mapping Project

Step 1: Bike the City!

Travel around Richmond and observe the conditions for bicyclists.  Look for locations with good bike access, bad bike access, good parking, or bad parking.

Step 2:  Take a picture.

Use your camera phone to document bicycling conditions at selected locations in Richmond.  Take pictures of both areas that have good bicycle access, and areas where biking conditions could be improved.  Also, document both locations with ample bicycle parking and areas where additional or improved bike parking is needed.

Nickel Bridge

The Nickel Bridge, looking north across the James River.  Credit: Mark Peterson

Step 3.  Upload your picture.

Click on “submit info” under the “Mapping Project” heading on the Bicycle Urbanism Site.  Upload your image, which will be geolocated to your current position and added to the Richmond Bicycle Urbanism Map.


Step 4. Enter information about the location. 

After uploading the image you will answer a brief survey about the bicycling conditions that you have documented.  The corresponding pin on the Richmond Bicycle Urbanism Map will reflect your answers (green wheel for good biking conditions, etc.), and clicking on that pin will bring up your survey answers.

Step 5.  Keep biking!

Document more bicycling conditions, good and bad, across the city.  When you’re finished, look at the map to see the contributions from your fellow students.

Downtown bridge

Photo courtesy of Bike Walk RVA