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To answer this question what makes a city bike friendly, I would have to start out by saying that living in both Richmond and Washington DC has changed my prospective on biking in major city’s. First, living in DC, I found it to be such an ease by biking in DC. Biking in a major city is good for the environment, your health, and it can save me money at the end of the day by not using the metro. Living in Richmond as a student I find that I don’t really need a car to travel to my destination, by waking or biking down the road for 3-8 minutes. I can be at my class with no major worry if someone scratching my car, worry of getting it towed or even broken into. Tho one major downside that I see from biking is that 1) drivers hate bikers, 2) bikers hate drivers and 3) walkers hate both. It’s a constant cycle and living in the city it’s always an issue and having to constantly look out for cars or people running into the road when biking makes it not as convent and fun.

Awesome event:

This past summer, I was able to attend DC annual “bike party” we’re bikers from all around the DC and nova area meet and bike as a massive group for miles in DC to bond and to have fun. The start was meeting at DuPont circle in DC, were there was an crowd of people dancing and singing to music. This months theme was birthday so everyone including myself was dressed up, at 6:30 we finally rolled off into the streets, the crowd was at least 350 people possibly more. We rode about 7 miles around DC seeing the monuments then at the end around 9pm we arrived at a warehouse to party and eat great food including live music. To say to the least it was a fantastic time and I will be doing this again next summer. (Tagged is the photo from the bike party)

Issues and things I’ve experienced:

Living in Richmond as a student, wheatear it is from biking to class or waking. I see a lot of things that I think should be fixed if possible. Many of the roads in Richmond are beyond bumpy and have holes in them which is unsafe for bikers who are speeding down the road which leads to bikers biking on sidewalks where students are waking which can be dangerous, when the sidewalks are crowded. While working in the inner west section for my project, I noticed that on campus we have a great number of parking spots for bikes, while I was taking pictures in Cary town, there are not so many parking spots and the places where they did have parking it was not needed. The majority of Cary st needed more parking spots for bikes. The problem I saw was that people were locking their bikes to posts and fences. (Example would be pine st and Cary town)


City biking is great, tho it does have its ups and downs. Learning to bike Ina city can be something that everyone should do once in awhile.

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  1. I absolutely love the aesthetic and appeal of locking your bike up to a street sign. They’re just the right size, and pretty much everywhere. Tough in RVA, there are also one too many abandoned locked bicycles.

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