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The passenger crossing at Franklin and 23rd St, about 10 feet away from the start of the cobblestones of Libby Hill, quickly flooded the moment the last following car turned the top corner. The first surge of pedestrian energy was powerful – about 2/3 of the crowd was merely trying to get to the other side – hoping to shortcut the bikers and catch them at another watch spot; the other 1/3 were eager ‘photographers’ wanted to capture that moment of tension from their own viewpoint. What would it be like to bike up the hill, see the line of cobblestones approaching? What do those bikers experience in that moment? Some people wanted to capture just the view up – what the biker would see, the tension and seemingly insurmountable obstacle; others wanted proof that they were standing there – a couple of ridiculous selfie poses in the mix, most asking others to take the photos for them. One strange man with a GoPro on a selfie stick, one man with a video camera, two DSLRs, and too-many-to-count vertical format cell phone photos. The watcher with the GoPro decided an action video of walking across the hill wasn’t enough, and returned for a beautiful moment of a selfie with the climb behind him – right next to another man capturing just the hill. When watchers had cameras in hand, they seemed to pay no mind to how they body space interrupted another’s and struck strange balancing poses – people seem to forget that they can be seen when they’re the ones taking the pictures. I only captured 2 people looking at my camera as I was photographing them.output_SIx7Ou



(ps. I mismatched the gif speeds for you)

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    This is a great concept! I was wondering a bit too watching the live stream as the outstretched crowd hands on Libby Hill seemed really close to the bikes.

    GIF speeds are okay, the idea is watch repeatedly and compare.

    Just curious, as there are 99,000 ways, what are you using to make your GIFs.

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