Biology Transfer Connect

Welcome to VCU!  You have already proven that you can succeed in college, or you wouldn’t have been admitted to VCU.  No matter why you transferred or how happy you are to be here, you will face a period of adjustment.  Other students have already formed friendships, relationships, and study groups.   They are familiar with the campus, with its resources, with the sought-after professors, and with the local hangouts.  How do you catch up and feel as though you really belong?

Join the Biology Transfer Connect! It is a program geared to assisting first-year transfer students in their academic and social transition to VCU. This group looks to:

  1. Reduce the effects of transfer shock.
  2. Help make positive connections within the VCU community.
  3. Enhance overall cognitive and emotional intelligence skills needed to be productive citizens of the world.

To learn more about this program, complete this SURVEY and we will send you additional information throughout the semester.