Marine Science career development opportunity in South Africa

Are you a recent graduate or a current student looking for an exciting learning opportunity? Cape RADD operates a marine field course which specializes in teaching SCUBA diving and free diving as approaches to data collection on the marine ecology of South Africa. We facilitate training courses for individuals or groups who want to learn more about the marine environment, conservation and research through hands on field experience and diver development. Cape RADD courses include training in multiple data collection and field operation techniques, theoretical workshops on analysis techniques and tools like R, GIS, and Coral Point Count.

As a Cape RADD student you will enrol in a fascinating and rewarding programme that will put you under the water for a hands on experience and valuable contribution to the marine research projects taking place at Cape RADD. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram to follow our story and see what our students are up to!

This programme is ideal for students, graduates, divers, conservationists or just those with an interest in marine biology looking to gain extra knowledge and field experience in the marine sciences, to develop new skills and show some real life experience on their CV.
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