VCU Department of Biology administers overrides for most biology courses (listed as BIOL or BIOZ in eServices) through the Undergraduate Advising Office.  Students seeking an override into a biology course must use the following online form to request it.  Most courses and most override types are processed through this form. (Please read through exceptions below before attempting to fill out form)

Biology Override Form

The following overrides/restrictions are not processed through this form:

BIOL 493 Internship: This form should not be used to request overrides into internship or research courses. Internship requests should go through this location: BIOL 493 Override Request

Research (BIOL/Z 395, BIOL 492 and BIOL 495): Registration requests should go through this location: Research based classes override request form

Overrides for BIOL 205 Basic Human Anatomy, except prerequisite overrides: Click here to view enrollment policies for BIOL 205

Level restriction overrides (Undergraduate, Graduate, First Professional): contact the Undergraduate Advising Office at bioadvising@vcu.edu

Maximum hour overloads: contact your academic adviser

Time conflicts: contact the instructor for each course involved in the conflict to make necessary arrangements

Closed sections with a capacity of zero (0): contact the instructor of the course

Registration holds: contact VCU Records and Registration

Override Form Disclaimers:
-Filling out this form does not automatically mean an override request will be approved
-The Biology Advising Office does not use this form as a waiting list
-Size overrides are typically not approved as courses are typically set at capacity. Preference for size overrides is always given to graduating seniors who require the course to graduate.

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