Want to change to the new curriculum requirements?

The Biology Department recently went through the process of changing our curriculum, which will change degree requirements for students starting at VCU in Fall 2015 or after. VCU students who started at VCU in Spring 2015 or before will continue to follow their current degree requirements. In other words, they will not automatically switch to the new curriculum. However, we are providing students the opportunity to elect to switch to the new curriculum by changing their bulletin year to 2015-2016. Below I have outlined the changes and how they will impact students who choose to change their bulletin year:

  1. The addition of BIOL 318 Evolution as a required course in the biocore. Students who took this course as a topics course (BIOL 391- Evoltuion, BIOL 491- Evolution or BIOL 491-Evolutionary Theory) would receive credit for BIOL 318 via a substitution.
  1. The addition of BIOL 200 Quantitative Biology as a required course in the biocore. Students who completed both BIOL 151 and 152 with a grade of C or higher by the end of the Spring 2015 semester will be waived from the BIOL 200 requirement. (This waiver is only for students who are on an earlier bulletin who choose to switch to the 2015-2016 bulletin.)
  1. BIOL 218 will now be BIOL 300. Students who took BIOL 218 would receive credit for BIOL 300 (note- BIOL 218 will still only count as a lower-level course and not as upper-level credits).
  1. Students are required to earn a “C” or higher in all biocore courses.
  1. Removal of the organismal requirement. Students will no longer be required to have an animal lecture, plant lecture and animal or plant lab.
  1. Reduction of the required labs from 6 labs to 5 labs. In addition to BIOZ 151 and 152, students will need 3 upper-level labs.

***Students will still be required to complete 40 credits of approved biology courses.

These changes are officially outlined in the 2015-2016 bulletin found at the bellow link (students must read this before electing to switch their bulletin as this is the official listing of the degree requirements):


Students can also see these changes in their degreeworks by doing the following:

  1. Log into eservices and go into degreeworks
  2. On the left side of the page, click on “What If”
  3. In the drop down menu next to “Effective Bulletin” choose “2015-2016”
  4. Click on the yellow “Process What-If” button

***Substitutions or waivers mentioned above would not show up in the What-If…these would be applied after your bulletin year was officially changed

Students can officially change to the new curriculum by changing their bulletin through a biology advisor. Please e-mail us at bioadvising@vcu.edu or you can make an appointment by logging into your myVCU portal and clicking on the “advising appointments” link.


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