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BIOL 391: Integrative Taxonomy

BIOL 491: Functional Genomics

Study Abroad Spring Fair

Panama Avian Field Ecology


Phage Discovery Lab

Phage Discovery Lab

ENGR 291 Computational Thinking

The School of Engineering is offering a course in the basics of computer programming for non-engineering and non-computer science students.  The course assumes no prior background in coding or programming and is meant to give interested students a basis for understanding of technological programming.

Click here to view a video on the course.

The course, ENGR 291, is available to all non-engineering students.

New Course – Science Journalism


Course #: MASC 491-005

CRN: 34606

BIOL 498 Insects & Plants Service Learning Course

If you have experience with organic farming or are interested in exploring careers in sustainable agriculture, horticulture, or entomology, please consider enrolling in BIOL 498 Insects & Plants Service Learning.

This service-learning course “counts” as a lab and also as a capstone experience for students who have completed the biocore and are co-enrolled in BIOL 477 Capstone Experience. For more information please contact Dr. Karen Kester:

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Spit For Science Fall 2016: Research Assistants Needed

SPIT FOR SCIENCE_flyer for potential RAs Fall' 2016