Making an appointment for research advising

Dr. Golding meets with students 1 on 1 to discuss undergraduate research, graduate school applications, study aboard, honors in biology among other class related issues.

Please read the following web pages BEFORE you meet with Dr. Golding. This significantly increases the quality of the advice that can be given! Please jot down your questions or concerns before the meeting. If everything is self-explanatory please feel free to go ahead and try to find a mentor! We do not “match” students. You will be doing the work to read about what mentors do and how to find one. So you may as well get started!


Please use the following link to access her calendar and make an appointment:

Dr. Golding’s calendar

You don’t need to email her again to tell her you did it. The calendar will do that for you!

Please be sure that your computer is set to EST. If your appointment is before 10 am or after 5 pm you have the wrong time zone!

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