Research Assistant Position – Available now

I’m a faculty member in the biochemistry department on the MCV campus. I’m looking to find one or two good senior undergraduate students that would like to work in the lab part time (maybe 10-20 hours per week). Specifically, these students would learn a variety of modern molecular biology techniques that fit into my research on the development of the adult vasculature. My lab is primarily focused on understanding protein function (primarily receptors) using biochemical and biophysical tools including fluorescence microscopy and x-ray crystallography. I would appreciate any information you may have on how to recruit interested students.  More information on the Barton lab research projects here:
You can reach Dr. Barton at  Make sure that when you email Dr. Barton you include the following info:

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What days/hours would you be available to work in the lab during spring semester?

How many credits are you taking during the spring semester?

How many hours per week would you ideally be able to devote to research?

Would you be available to conduct research over the summer?

 Future Plans:

Are you planning to apply for graduate school or medical school? If yes, in what field?

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Please list and describe any research experience you have. Include the location, your supervisor, the project you were involved in, and your specific duties.