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Career Treks

Throughout the semester, we’re taking a few students to different Richmond employers to explore career opportunities and meet fascinating people working in industry

Registration is free and you can signup for as many different trips as you choose. Space is limited to 20 students per trip.

Massey Cancer Research Center Laboratory

October 14
1:00 pm-3:00 pm


Wonder what it is like to work in lab? Thinking of doing research while at VCU or beyond? Interested in cancer research? Join us for a fun and informative trip to Massey to tour a lab and find out what it is like to work at one of the nation’s leading research labs!

Meet at the Campus Connector bus stop in front of Cabell Library to ride the Campus Connector to Massey Cancer Center.

United Network of Organ Sharing

October 28
12:30 pm-3:30 pm
UNOS is where science, technology, and a nonprofit mission meet to change lives. Attend the trip to learn about careers as an Organ Placement Specialist, software/database developers, and research analysts.

Meet at the Campus Connector bus stop in front of Cabell Library to ride the Campus Connector to UNOS’ downtown facility.
If you have any questions or concerns or need to cancel your reservation, please contact Carrie Hawes at cjhawes@vcu.edu.


VCU-PREP is a post-baccalaureate research program that aims to increase the number of underrepresented PhD students in the US (for example, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, students with disabilities, etc). In the program, students participate in an intensive mentored research experience in an area of biomedical research of their choice, and receive coaching and preparation to take the GRE and apply to PhD programs. Additional program information is included in our brochure on the VCU Center on Health Disparities website at http://www.healthdisparities.vcu.edu/. The on-line application is also available there, under the Research & Training tab under Apply Now.

The applicant must be a US citizen, permanent resident, or US national to be eligible for the VCU-PREP program. Applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent at the time of enrollment (July 1, 2016), and no more than 36 months prior to their selection for participation. An undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 is generally expected for VCU-PREP scholars.

The application should include: undergraduate transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation from teachers or research mentors, and a personal statement demonstrating a commitment to a career in biomedical research. The supplementary materials (letters and transcripts) can be sent by email to cohdtraining@vcuhealth.org.

The deadline to receive your application, transcripts and letters of reference is March 15, 2016.  

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Ms. Khiana Meade at cohdtraining@vcuhealth.org.

If you have questions about research in the biomedical sciences at VCU, please contact the VCU-PREP Program Director, Dr. Joyce Lloyd, at joyce.lloyd@vcuhealth.org.

Click here to learn more about PREP