Biology of Cancer II Syllabus – BIOL451

PLEASE NOTE: To register for this class you must request an override using the form below. Overrides will not be released until after May 1st Spring and mentor confirmation is received.

BIOL   451. Biology of Cancer II. 4 Hours.

Semester course; 1 lecture and 12 laboratory hours. 4 credits. Prerequisites: BIOL   450 and instructor’s permission. An examination of the cellular, molecular and clinical aspects of cancer development, progression, and treatment.

Prior to registration approval, students must complete the online Research based classes registration form. In addition, mentors must provide their approval by email to Dr. Lima Applications for Biology Cancer II approval will be given priority before  May 1st for Fall semester but registration will continue through Fall add/drop.

Enrollment: By override after approval by the Department of Biology. See guidelines above.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: BIOL   450 and instructor’s permission.

The Class: Description and grading policy

This class consists of two distinct activities:

  1. Working in the lab of your research mentor, who must confirm with Santiago Lima (see guidelines above) before you will be added to the class.  You should expect to send roughly 10-15 hours a week in lab, maybe less during times when you have exams to study for, more when not.  But make sure you notify the person for whom you are working ahead of time that you can not spend as much time as usual in lab that week!
  2. Attending class every week in Harris Hall 2123, Mon. 11-11:50 to present and discuss research papers, and toward the end of the semester, to present your research results from your lab work.  You must read the paper ahead of time and be prepared to present it to the class or to actively participate in our discussion of it.  When it is your turn to present your research, we expect a polished presentation.

Your grade for the semester will be determined by your attendance and participation in class, and by your performance in the laboratory.  There are no exams.

 85% of your grade is the opinion of your lab director (who may consult with the person with whom you directly worked most frequently.

15% of your grade is how you performed in the weekly journal club meetings.

If you are dismissed from your lab prior to the withdrawal date, you must withdraw from the course. If you are dismissed from your lab after the withdrawal date, I will calculate a grade based on your performance to that date, with input from your lab director.

Class meetings

My goal during our meetings this semester is to offer you an opportunity to polish your scientific literacy skills and work on your presentation skills – at least a little. I will also help navigate your laboratory experience.

I’d like to make sure you know how to:

  • Find scientific articles
  • Evaluate scientific articles for their content and potential impact
  • Present data to an audience – be it your data, or someone else’s

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