Information for Faculty looking for Undergraduates

Are you a VCU Faculty member, Researcher, Post Doc, or Graduate student looking for some help in the lab?

Well VCU Biology has over 2000 undergraduate students many of whom would give anything for a chance to work in a real research lab!

There are a few ways you can go about recruiting undergraduates to your group:

1) Just wait for them to contact you! 
– whilst not the most efficient way chances are if you just wait they will find you so look out for emails from eager young researchers
2) Ask us for help!
– Dr Sarah Golding ( is Biology’s Director of Undergraduate Research. Drop her an email describing your lab, your project and what you are looking for in a student.
Dr Golding will then either:
– look out for students she knows that meet your criteria, almost in a “prescreening” type approach. Then pass on your details to students who seem to “match”
– Help you create an “ad” and distribute it to the students by various methods including; social media, blog, email and via student organisations. You would then be responsible for doing the interviewing.

Once you have found an undergraduate we encourage you to browse through our research classes. Students studying Biology at VCU can take advantage of many programmatic opportunities, class based opportunities for academic credit (BIOL391 Directed Study, BIOL492 Independent Study, or Research and Thesis BIOL495).

We DO NOT require that faculty members hold affiliate positions in Biology to mentor our students. In fact we would love more of our students to experience the breadth of Biology research going on at VCU outside of our department.

Dr Golding does all the paperwork and is responsible for registration, issuing grades (after receiving your input) or dealing with problem students (As long as you tell her there is a problem!). All you need to do is teach the student your science and help them prepare the final report documents outlined in the syllabi above.

If you have any questions about mentoring an Undergraduate or about our class based opportunities please contact Dr Sarah Golding


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