Summer Research and Internship Programs

It might seem too early to be thinking about your plans for summer but it will be here before you know it!

Did you know that you could apply to summer research/internship programs all around the country where you could be getting paid or volunteering and getting great experiences that will not only help your studies but might help you get jobs or graduate school places in the future?

Well you can!

There are many ways to find summer research programs. You can start with some great advice and lists from VCU Career Services. VCU offers some of its own which can be found here “VCU summer research programs“, the NIH offers their own,  as does the NSF, NASA, FDA, EPA and many many Universities, government agencies and non-profits across the country (and even overseas!) which can be found by a simple google search “summer research ecology” or summer research biochemistry”

You can start your search for a summer experience here on our page by looking under the “Current Research Opportunities”  and watch for updates via the Biology facebook page or RRS this page.

Or check out this great resource from VCU Career Services who can help you find/apply for programs!
Searching for a Summer Science Opportunity

Here is a webinar with some tips and advice on how to find a summer program, some benefits of Undergraduate research

Deadlines can be as soon as February 1st and you will be required to submit reference letters from at least 1 faculty member (usually 2).

So get looking…….what have you got to lose!


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