Nutrition in college students

College students definitely do not have many options for healthy eating, well depending on what campus an individual resides on. But just taking VCU for an example, there aren’t many healthy options on this campus for students to choose from besides Croutons, where they sell grilled chicken wraps, salads etc. Unlike elementary, middle, and high schools around the area, colleges and Universities are not held to a standard that they have to have so many nutritious options for students to indulge in. They are not a part of any program that says they have to do anything so healthy options come scarce to college students. Around college campuses, you will see multiple chains of fast food restaurants such as panda express, McDonald’s, Chipotle etc. The presence of all these franchises attract college students and leads to them not getting enough nutrients and vitamins that will allow them to perform at peak ability. The foods from these restaurants are incredibly high in total fat, saturated fats and calories. That just equals carb, carbs, and more carbs. These foods are also high in preservatives, which make it difficult for your body to break down the food in your stomach. This can definitely slow a student down physically and academically. Of course, I’m talking about the common student here though because athletes at colleges for sure get their share of healthy options because that is vital to them performing athletically to their best ability. Without their proper nutrients, they wouldn’t be able to excel in whichever sport they play, which means less money for their respective schools.

The Dining halls at colleges do try to provide some healthy alternatives though but clearly they fall short of standards. The dining systems at colleges need to be improved because nutrition in college students is vital to their success.



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