Nutrition in legislation

Over the course of the years, there have been many laws passed that puts restrictions on foods and certain chemicals in foods that are unsafe for us citizens to eat. These laws allowed us as a society to become safer in our nutritious habits. A direct effect of these laws was the Food Drug Administration or FDA being first established in the year 1906. The FDA is a government-regulated organization that is critical to the public’s health. They are responsible for making sure that our country’s food supply is safe. Also they ensure that different animal and human drugs, medical devices, and certain cosmetic products are truly safe for the public. When the FDA was created, the meat inspection act was passed the same day, which ensured that meat was safe to eat. The passing of these laws was a direct response to the government discovering the highly insanitary environments in meatpacking plants. They discovered that “poisonous preservatives and dyes” were being used in the meatpacking plants (

There has also been other laws made to ensure that the public has the chance to eat foods that are high in nutritional value and are not eating foods that contain damaging chemicals that could ultimately render the human body. Some laws include The White House Conference on Food and Nutrition, which banned the artificial sweetener cyclamate because of health concerns. Also Sanitation programs began to ensure the safety of shellfish, milk and food services. There are many other laws made to ensure the safety of the public through their nutrition, but these are just a few. We as a society understand how important nutrition is the average person so ensuring the safety of food and other things is a major priority.

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