Nutrition in disease prevention

Aside from popular belief, being healthy does not just mean one doesn’t have a disease or lingering issues. In order to be considered truly healthy, an individual has to add nutritional aspects to their lifestyle to give their body a better opportunity to perform at peak potential. One has to add nutritional aspects such as clean eating and physical activity to enhance their social, spiritual, and intellectual capabilities. Optimal nutrition is vital to the decrease health issues and the increase of disease prevention. The foods we eat and the nutrients we are supposed to get from the foods we eat are important for our growth and development.

Many of our leading killer diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke are a lot of times correlated to our nutrition. The foods we eat and our exercising programs can significantly increase or decrease our chances to get these diseases. Cardiovascular diseases have been heavily linked to poor diets and inactivity for long periods of time. Eating foods that contain fats, such as Saturated fats and trans fats, significantly render the health of an average heart. Trans fats are especially bad for the heart because these fats contribute to the clogging of arteries due to their chemical structure. Other diseases that could potentially be prevented with good nutrition include Diabetes and Obesity, which is also becoming an epidemic in the US. The lack of physical activity and skyrocketing obesity are leading to the exponentially growing cases of Type 2 Diabetes in the USA today. Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active daily, even if it is just walking 30 minutes a day, is essential to the well being of people. Really paying attention to nutrition could be the saving grace for preventing some of the leading killers in the United States and all over the world.



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