Language of Food Industry

The language of the food industry and how they advertise is concerning to many nutritional experts in the field. The food industry leads individuals astray with their clever lingo and multiple loopholes they find in order to advertise their products as a healthy choice. For example many labels on food products may say they are rich in multigrain and 7 grains, so one may think oh this a healthy option. Diets that are rich in fiber and nutrients, which multigrain are full of, are said to be preferable for individuals who want the most out of their eating habits. But in fact, those foods have been processed to an extreme intent, which stripped away most of the nutrients and fiber that the grains had because they were refined in flour. But due to the fact that originally whole grains were in the food, the food labels can in fact still advertise that it is rich in grains. The food industry is deceptive in their strategy to market not so healthy foods off as healthy and desirable. Another example would be some flavored water products such as Clear Splash. Clear Splash has a favorable taste and is fizzy like soda. Clear Splash advertises their product as a healthy option if one does not enjoy just plain water. It has zero calories, they say. There is no sugar displayed on the label. This is true. It does in fact have zero calories but when you take a closer look at the ingredients, you can see two ingredients that will stand out. One is Aspartame and the other is Acesulfame Potassium. Both of these ingredients are additives that one should avoid altogether because they are essentially foreign. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that almost 100 times sweeter than sugar. Clear Splash also has a preservative in it, which is also bad, but they advertise this water as a healthy alternative for soda but is it really a healthier option? This is debatable. The deviousness of the food industry is especially concerning because the common person would have no idea what these ingredients were and he/she would drink this water with no regrets.

Watch Your Water: Just Because It’s Clear Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy!

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