Nutrition: Ethics of Food Industry

The health of our bodies is in serious danger because of the lack of ethics by the food industry. It’s all about money to these guys. It has gotten to the point where previously healthy food products such as V8 are no longer what the consumer expects in terms of nutritional value. But my question now is how could the food industry be so deceitful and so inconsiderate of the well being of individuals who buy their products. I know money runs he world and all but gaining money is not possible if no consumers are around to demand that product. The food industry advertises products as healthy but in fact, they are endangering people all around the world to the point where a lot of unhealthy foods are banned in other countries, but not in the United States of America. They aren’t banned here because we unfortunately live in corporate America where money is infinitely more important the individuals who inhabit the country. This is a sad reality because due to this questionable and ludicrous stance, our government fails to efficiently regulate the actions of the food industry. This leads to the food industry passing unhealthy products off to the community and putting everyone’s health in risk especially individuals who are already obese. These obese individuals can be killing themselves without even knowing because they unfortunately trust the food industry to give them accurate information. But the food industry does not care about being ethically correct. Their morals are lacking when it comes to individuals and this is especially concerning. All they see is green. As long as their pockets are full, people dying does not matter.


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