Backing a healthy lifestyle

Due to the inconsistencies of the food industry with their products, our individual health is on the downward spiral unless we start educating the younger generation on the effects of bad nutrition. We have to educate everyone on what bad ingredients to look for in products even if the food industry advertises these foods as healthy and safe. We have to teach everyone about the artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Acesulfame potassium, Splenda etc that are dangerous to their health. We have to make it a priority to really start backing a healthy lifestyle in our community because if we don’t, our obesity rates will continue to skyrocket. We have to make it a priority to not expose the younger generation to bad eating habits such as McDonald’s or Burger King. I remember when I was a kid, my mom used to take me to McDonald’s all the time because it was truly convenient. Eventually I found myself wanting that McDonald’s happy meal all the time because it was indeed my favorite thing to eat. Now looking back upon that I wish my mom would have said no nine out of ten times because eating fast food all the time put me on the wrong path diet wise. I never knew how bad any of these junk foods were for me until it was too late and this is why we as a community need to start early by exposing everyone to healthy eating habits, the rewards of eating right and consuming an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients. And I know what I am about to say will probably anger the food industry but we should limit junk food ads and absolutely ban ads advertising healthy foods that are not necessarily healthy. These advertisements are incredibly fraudulent, but the food industry makes money so it’s acceptable. I say no. Other countries around the world, such as Australia and the UK, are already starting to discuss the banning or limiting of junk food ads due to the belief that these ads negatively effect the eating habits of younger children and some adults. In the UK, Ofcom is trying to create a new ban to “reduce youth exposure to junk food advertisements, in hopes of decreasing junk food consumption” which will promote a healthier lifestyle for their citizens (Anonymous pg. 4). In the UK, they understand the taxing problem at hand and hopefully the US will step up and realize how critical this situation is becoming. Banning or limiting junk food ads of course will not be a popular opinion among corporate executives but I feel it is necessary to protect the lives our younger generation because they are our future. Being healthy helps fuel their minds. It is a known fact that having a healthy lifestyle indeed sharpens the mindset of an individual. Our younger generation having a sharper mindset will ultimately push this country forward.

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