A little bit about me! My name is Bleu Preston, and I grew up in the city of Richmond.



I am a VCU student majoring in Special Education. I graduate in the spring of 2018 with my bachelor’s. I plan to take a small break in-between my bachelor’s degree and master’s. ¬†I would love to teach internationally through different organizations¬†to broaden my skillsets and learn about different cultures. I have already been to Haiti. There I worked with special needs children for about 10 days. I also visited an orphanage and ran a VBS on one of the islands. The short experience inspired me to travel more and work with special needs children all over the world.

For now, I am a server paying my way through college. During the summer I am a swim coach for my local neighborhood pool. I also teach swim lessons to all types of children. The summer of 2017, I worked with three special needs children teaching them how to swim. We worked more on safety in the pool than technique. It was the most fun I had all summer and I look forward to working with them again this year.