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Week 5 Blog Post

  • What has been your experience with LMSs as a learner? How have they helped (if they have)? Do you envision using one in your future career, why or why not?

As a learner, the only LMS i can remember experiencing was in high school. WE has a portal through my school that allowed us to test/quiz, see our grades and attendance, and our assignments. it was kind of like blackboard. I enjoyed it and i believed the teachers did as well. It seemed to make things a little simpler. It was nice having everything in one spot. I think i would be interested in using this when i start teaching. Technology is constantly developing and I think, as teachers, we should grow with it since our students will be exposed to it from birth.

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  1. Did you only use the LMS as a summative assessment? What about formative assessments? How were they incorporated into the class, or curriculum?

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