The SOL we chose was 4.3 based on electricity, focusing primarily on basic circuits. “The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include a) conductors and insulators; b) basic circuits; c) static electricity; d) the ability of electrical energy to be transformed into light and motion, and to produce heat; e) simple electromagnets and magnetism, and f) historical contributions in understanding electricity”.

Our obj:  The students will be able to understand and identify the parts of a simple circuit given the YouTube video, website, discussion post, and assessment with 80 percent accuracy.

Pedagogy: Youtube video and interactive website

Content:simple circuits

Technology: video, activity, and discussion post

TCK: The technology supports the content knowledge by allowing students to work on their own to gain knowledge and understanding of the topic. Since the video is online, they are able to watch it and takes notes as they go. It does not have to be rushed like how it can be in a classroom. It is also available to be accessed at any time.

TPK: The technology supports the pedagogy by allowing students to have a interactive, hands on learning experience. The technlogy enhances this learning experience and allows them to learn through different mediums. They are able to use what they learned and bring their new insight into the classroom for further discussion and to go more in depth in the topic.

PCK: The pedagogy supports the content knowledge by assessing students based on their current knowledge of circuits after watching the intended video. They would interact with one another through this virtual technology, which is the equivalent of group/paired work in the classroom.

Youtube Video Link: