Though I missed the deadline for the Seesaw activities (I forgot it was due Thursday.)  If I were to create three activities using SAMR, I would focus on the five senses.

SOL K.2 The student will investigate and understand that humans have senses that
allow them to seek, find, take in, and react or respond to information in
order to learn about their surroundings. Key concepts include
a) the five senses and corresponding sensing organs;
b) sensory descriptors used to describe common objects and phenomena

My first activity would be using pictures of the five sense and have the students match them with the corresponding picture. It would a worksheet so this would categorize as modification because students are using a different method to learn the senses.\

My next activity would be an interactive video describing the senses. This would be augmentation because the video serves as the lesson, The video would be doing all the teaching. My last activity would be a form of redefinition. I would have my students create some type of creative art to showcase the information they learned, such as a picture, song/dance, presentation, etc.