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Week 5 Making Activity

My group based our lesson off of the Civics 3.12 SOL that states, “The student will recognize that Americans are a people of diverse ethnic origins, customs, and traditions, who are united by the basic principles of a republican form of government and respect for individual rights and freedoms. “

We decided to split the class up into groups of three or four and allow them to work together to choose any country they would like. From there, they would research their country and it’s culture. After researching, they would choose an symbol that they think represents the symbol and present it to the class to teach them.

Tehnology: Tinkercad and 3D printer

Content: Through research, the students will be able to gain information about different countries and cultures.

Pedgogy: Brainstorming what they already know about the topics they have chosen and then breaking off into groups to find more information about the country to accomplish the task.

TCK: The student will use the technology (3D printer/Tinkercad) to create an artifact that represents the country they chose.

PCK: The groups will work together in teams to brainstorm ideas, pick a country and research information pertaining to their specific country.

TPK: The artifact serves as a representation of the country and serves as a reminder of the culture of the country based off the artifact they printed.

Week 5 Blog Post

  • What has been your experience with LMSs as a learner? How have they helped (if they have)? Do you envision using one in your future career, why or why not?

As a learner, the only LMS i can remember experiencing was in high school. WE has a portal through my school that allowed us to test/quiz, see our grades and attendance, and our assignments. it was kind of like blackboard. I enjoyed it and i believed the teachers did as well. It seemed to make things a little simpler. It was nice having everything in one spot. I think i would be interested in using this when i start teaching. Technology is constantly developing and I think, as teachers, we should grow with it since our students will be exposed to it from birth.

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