Momma and me

I brought my mom up her Sunday to watch the Woman’s elite, and I could just see how happy my mom was proud to be apart of something this big, much like Richmond. We had a lot of fun learning where all these countries were located. Staying here for the race was fun and really exciting, but I definitely wanted to see and spend time with my family since this is the only break we have until Thanksgiving.12084170_1631676617101271_1038845683_n

One thought on “Momma and me”

  1. I wish I could have brought my family, but my family all had to work so I was sad not to have any of my family around with me while I walked around talking to people. My mom said she wanted to come and be apart of the crowd, but work comes first but my mom and I are super close and I showed her videos of it so she still felt like part of it.

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